Your restaurant was the hottest in the neighborhood when it opened two years ago…now you have a steady flow of regulars and you’re making mediocre profit. The innovative gadget you launched last year went from soaring to sub par sales due to increased competition. What starts out as a well received campaign for your business or product will most likely begin to fall on deaf ears if you don’t reinvent your brand image, or message. What some professionals fail to realize is that their market and industry are constantly changing, and a three-month PR plan won’t keep the celebration going on forever.

Revisiting the idea of PR and marketing after the initial honeymoon of success could be the key to bringing back new customers, revitalizing your product or reestablishing your message. In the PR world, we’re constantly thinking of fresh angles and out-of-the-box campaigns that can reboot what was once a fabulous idea.  PR pros don’t rest on their laurels and actually welcome the challenge of clients with stale products or ideas. In addition to the wheel-turning minds of a PR agency, the media itself is ever evolving which leads to new, creative outlets every day.

Have you considered going viral with your product or business? This would be an all-out blitz on social media outlets with videos, Tweets, blogs and anything else that can snowball into the Internet age. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter may seem taboo, or even child’s play, to some “seasoned” professionals, but in fact these are the latest, and sometimes most effective, tools of our generation. A strategically planned social media campaign can go much further and reach a wider audience than traditional media.

But before getting all Tweet and photo-post happy on us, ask yourself a few questions…What has changed within your industry since your last or initial PR or marketing campaign? What is new about your restaurant’s menu? What are novel ways to utilize your once-popular gadget? What are you currently doing that your competition is not? Without “reinventing the wheel,” think of ways that PR can elevate a new idea, purpose or benefit that will put your company back into the spotlight.

You still have the best product out there; people are just tired of hearing the same old pitch. So get back on the PR saddle and bring those sales back up to where they were during your last PR campaign. For more information on how BERKMAN can reignite your company’s brand, visit