Our new Facebook cover photo

Attention Facebook Page admins! I’m sure you all have noticed by now that Facebook is planning a complete re-design of their existing Facebook pages. With the Timeline’s initial preview, many individual Facebook users weren’t completely sold on the idea of people having easier access to past posts. However, for brands, this new Timeline feature opens up huge branding possibilities. We’ve been seeing a trend towards a visually-driven social media experience (re: Pinterest). The new Facebook Timeline design does not stray too far from that idea. Some notable features of the new design:

  • Private messages: Users, whether you have LIKED the page or not, can now send private messages to the brand page. This brings any inquiries away from the public eye. However, this is one-way, admins can only respond to these messages. They cannot send new messages to Facebook users.
  • Cover photo: This new cover photo feature is excellent for branding. The cover photo offers huge real estate on the page. If you’d like to create a clever cover photo, size your photo dimensions to 850px x 315px. There are restrictions: no contact information, no calls to actions (meaning no blunt advertising), and references to Facebook features such “Like” or “Share” (no more arrows)
  • Timeline Feature: Tell your company’s history by posting “Milestone” events such as when your company was founded, logo changes, etc.
  • No more landing pages: But that doesn’t mean your hard work is lost forever. The apps are still available; they just have their own page with a much wider view. 810px to be exact.

And many more new features are available. So take some time to learn these new features. Admins have until March 30 before the pages automatically turn into the Timeline pages.


Jen Kim is the Interactive Media Manager at BERKMAN Strategic Communications. Follow her at @JENKIM_SD.