Let’s be honest, we’re more excited for the Super Bowl commercials than the Super Bowl itself. With each 30-second commercial costing about $3.5 million dollars, we’re hoping to see some quality ads this year. Our favorite pre-Super Bowl commercial so far is the Volkswagen Star Wars-inspired ad.

It has all the ingredients to a great, viral video: cute animals, clever use of a pop culture reference, and music made by something other than conventional instruments. (The last one isn’t really frequently used in videos, but I just love those videos!)

Not only is “The Bark Side” absolutely adorable, but the video compels Star Wars fans to guess what character each dog represents. With over 7.3 million videos already, this video is following suit with the uber popular Star Wars-inspired Volkswagen commercial from the 2011 Super Bowl. Just in case you’ve been under a rock for the past year, Volkswagen featured a Star Wars-inspired commercial last year that had 5.6 million views on YouTube just within 2 days. Now “The Force: Volkswagen Commercial” is almost at 50 million views. A refresher:

Fun fact: the child actor portraying Darth Vader has never seen a Star Wars film.

Can’t wait to see what other brands have to present this year!


Jen Kim is the Interactive Media Manager at BERKMAN PR. She oversees all social media activity for BERKMAN’s clients.