Lately we’ve been inspired by what we find on the new online platform, Pinterest. This highly visual blogging platform allows you to post images or videos you find online with minimal text. The graphics do the talking for you. You “pin” these images or videos on specific boards, such as “D.I.Y. Crafts,” “Desserts to make,” or especially popular, “Wedding Ideas.” Artists, designers, and bride-to-be’s (to name a few) are using Pinterest to showcase and organize items they find inspiring for future or current projects. Now how can this be translated into a social media campaign for a business? Well, companies have already started building their own Pinterest accounts. Social media-savvy airline company Southwest was one of the first major brands to procure a Pinterest account, whose boards include: “Travel Style,” “Our Fleet,” and “Tips for Travel.” Their new Pinterest account adds another tool to their social media arsenal to build their friendly and engaging personality online.

Though it’s in its initial stages of development, Pinterest will undoubtedly become the next big social media platform. So “pin” away!

Tips for Pinterest:

  • Have cohesive titles for your boards. As we know in PR, presenting yourself as organized (and creative) is important.
  • If you’re building a Pinterest account for a client, keep in mind that the pins are to be made by a general body, not just you. After all, you have your own personal account to pin stuff you personally love.
  • Don’t just limit yourself to the Pinterest “database.” Hunt around the Internet and find some interesting content that you followers will re-pin!
  • Don’t just pin, follow! You never know what you’ll find from folks on Pinterest.

Pinterest is currently invite only.

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Jen Kim is the Interactive Media Manager at BERKMAN PR. She oversees all social media activity for BERKMAN’s clients.