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I wanted to take a moment to introduce Courtney, our new Social Media Manager at Berkman Strategic Communications. At Berkman, she blends our expertise in traditional forms of strategic communications with the new and rapidly evolving world of social media. She was born the same year as the internet, and offers our clients the knowledge and skills that can only be garnered through a lifetime of exposure to the internet, four years managing businesses’ social media accounts in various capacities, and a degree from the University of San Diego.


At Berkman Strategic Communications she assists our clients by creating conversations on a variety of social media outlets and deriving leads and sales from the relationships created by those conversations. After gaining a full understanding of each client’s specific needs and goals, she carefully crafts a custom social media strategy that will create and grow over-all brand awareness, generate inbound traffic, and cultivate leads, and sales.

Each social media strategy she creates is just as unique and innovative as the client it was created for. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter strategy when it comes to social media. It is her individual focused approach that cultivates for our clients consistent long-term social media success.

Regardless of whether they already have an established social media presence or are starting from scratch, she builds our clients’ audiences, and communicates to those audiences what it is about each client’s brand that makes it special and unique. Through posts, conversations, and commentary she communicates what problems our client can solve for their social media followers and how our client can make their audience’s lives better.

Social media is a constantly evolving and growing PR platform, and through creativity, education, and intuition she ensures that each one of Berkman’s clients is ahead of the curve.

Let me know if establishing and growing your social media presence  is something that sounds good to you… because I know just the person!


– Jack

ImageNot only are we NOT pulling away from social media as a marketing venue for our company, we have recently upgraded the social media services we offer our clients. Social media is crucial to any business, new or firmly established. It’s a free outlet to generate brand enthusiasm, get consumer feedback, and communicate a brand or businesses’ message to themasses. Most social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer the option to pay to “promote” posts and increase visibility, however; it is not unheard of for business pages to grow their followers by thousands and never spend a dime on “post promotion” or ads.

Along with their quarterly earnings report this month, Facebook also released their current user totals. According to the report, there are over 699 million active users daily. As this number continues to grow exponentially so does a business’s ability to reach more people at very little monetary cost to them. We do suggest however, that if a business does have the budget to invest money in their social media presence, to hire a PR firm that has a firm grasp of social media management and strategy.  Hiring an expert is the most efficient use of resources. Rather than blindly “promoting” posts and throwing things into cyber space until something sticks, a good PR firm can craft an effective social media strategy and ensure that not only will a business’s message stick but also stick the way it was meant to. So while we firmly believe that a strong social media presence is crucial to any business’ success, we also know that a smart social media strategy is what will lead to that success.