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This Week’s Social Media News!

The last full week of January. Yeah, we can’t believe it either.


  • Google reaction to Groupon’s deal rejection? Create their own daily deal rival. Similar to the other services, “Google Offers” will send daily e-mails with a local deal of the day and will be powered by Google Checkout. We think Google should just be content as a search-engine beast and call it quits in trying to get into the small business game.


  • Fly a lot? The social media savvy airline, JetBlue announced this week that a new program with Facebook Places will let customers earn rewards when they use the service to check in at various airports. No, we don’t mind earning a free flight by using Facebook.


  • Attached to your Microsoft OneNote? Well an iPhone app was just released to let you access MS OneNote from your iPhone. Created a grocery list on your computer? Pull it up on your iPhone while shopping. Also, the OneNote Web App is accessible from any supported web browser. The apps are free for a limited time, so get it if you ever feel the need to access your OneNote docs from a mobile device.


  • As if seeing your favorite band wasn’t a reward enough, SuperGlued, an online community/ iPhone app for concert goers launched a contest Wednesday that will reward Interpol fans for their any social media activity on the app. Never heard of the app? Download it here if you’re a fan of concerts. The app allows users to find upcoming shows in the area, interact with those shows by tweeting, posting photos, checking in, etc. Also, you can purchase tickets via the service!


  • Remember when Mark Zuckerberg got his Facebook account hacked? A new security measure was announced that will immediately request a “social authentication test” if any suspicious activity is noticed on your page. And for those who want an even closer look at their page, users can view their Facebook page via HTTPS which will allow for a secure connection on a network that may have previously been not secure.


  • Who’s excited about the upcoming Super Bowl XLV?? We’re more excited about the commercials that are going to air during the game. Companies are inviting their customers to join in on the creative process. Before this year’s Super Bowl, beer brand, Bud Light is inviting its Facebook fans to guess the storylines to each of its three Super Bowl ad. Fans are to use the app called “Unlock the Spot.” Once all three spots are guessed, Bud Light will reveal a fourth, 90-second web-only ad exclusively to its fans. We’re loving how brands are getting more interactive with their fans each and every day.


  • Advertisers are getting more and more creative with ways to advertise to the public. Now, businesses will be able to advertise any Facebook interaction on user pages. Confusing? We know, but once you break it down, this is big news for businesses. For example, Facebook users who check into a store or “like” a company will show up on a friend’s page as a “Sponsored Story” paid for by advertisers. People already do this already, only it’s now monetized. However, it won’t show up on a feed. It’ll show up on the right hand side of the page where regular advertising appears. Think Twitter’s “Sponsored Accounts” or “Promoted Tweets.”


Have a great weekend everyone! We’re sure there’ll be tons more social media news next week.

What Happened in Social Media This Week?

MySpace Renews Key Ad Deal with Google (via Mashable)

“Google and MySpace have signed a new multi-year search and advertising deal that means Google will continue to power MySpace search.” MySpace has switched from a social networking giant to an entertainment destination. Hopefully this new deal will get their traffic up.

Facebook Brings Facial Recognition to Photo Tagging (via Mashable)

The upgrade automatically suggests whom users should tag in photos based on facial recognition technology. “Tag Suggestions” will begin to roll out next week. Facebook will suggest the friend you should tag them with. To opt out of the Tag Suggestions, you can disable the “Suggest photos of me to friends” feature in your Privacy Settings.

YouTube Reveals New Homepage Design (via Mashable)

At first glance the new YouTube page doesn’t look that different. However, there are several changes to the user interface. The biggest difference is the “combined list,” which combines your subscription, friend activity, and recommendations. They’ve also personalized the YouTube watching experience. Videos can be deleted from your homepage and videos you’ve already watched will be grayed out. Also, videos you “Liked” or put as your Favorites will be more prominent.

Mark Zuckerberg Named TIME’s Person of the Year (via TIME Magazine)

Mark Zuckerberg announced his honorable appointment via Facebook status, “Being named as TIME Person of the Year is something that hundreds of millions of people want to use to make the world more open and connected. I’m happy to be part of that.”

New Website by Google Teaching Parents Technology (via PC Mag)

Want to teach your mom how to video chat? Or teach your dad how to change his screensaver? Well look no further because Google launched a new website: TeachParentsTech.org. It provides assistance for those who are lacking basic tech knowledge in the form of instructional videos. The clever design is formatted like a check list.

Warning: Acai Berry Twitter Attack Spreading Like Wildfire (via Mashable)

A new Twitter attack advertising acai berries has hijacked thousands of Twitter accounts and turned them into spammers. Do not click on any link domains containing “Acai News”! This is one of the fastest-spreading attacks. If you’ve already clicked on a link, change your password and check your connections in your Settings. According to Twitter’s Director of Trust and Safety, this may be related to the recent attack on Gawker.