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Our weekly Social Media update!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and all we can think about is what the best hashtag for the consumer-centric “holiday” could be to put in our tweets. Seriously. We’re going with #VDay2011!

  • Did you know Lady Gaga has 27.7 million Facebook fans? We didn’t either. But Virgin Mobile noticed and wants to guide

    Image from Mashable

    some of her fans to their Facebook page. Currently with 40,000 “liking” their page, Virgin Mobile hopes to reach 1 million bythe end of the year with a tie-in with Lady Gaga. Starting next week, Virgin Mobil will be launching a contest to find 10 official bloggers for new dates in Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” tour. “To enter, bloggers are encouraged to send a short video to Virgin Mobile Live’s Facebook page displaying their ‘best work.’” The public will vote via Facebook. In order to submit, people must like the page. Although, it’s unclear what exactly what they win. We’ll find out on Monday.

  • Tumblr is becoming the go-to platform for fashion brands. Kate Spade launched katespadeny.tumblr.com Thursday morning.  They believe that Tumblr allows them to engage with their fans on a more visual level. The Tumblr blog is highly interactive and frequently responds to and reblogs users’ questions and content. Fashion-related Tumblr blogs are reblogged on a much greater scale than general Tumblr posts. Other notable brands using Tumblr are Oscar de la Renta,Alexander McQueen, ModCloth, Ann Taylor, and many other brands. We love Tumblr!

    Image from TechLeash

  • To compete with the launch of Verizon’s iPhone, T-Mobile is offering all the phones in its inventory for free with a new

    Image from Mashable

    two-yearcontract on Friday and Saturday, February 11 and 12. This promo ties in with their Valentine’s Day promotion. These phones include high-end smartphones (some retailing at $499!!). To get a choice of any phone, you must visit a T-Mobile store.Online, you have a limited selection to choose from. So what’s it going to be? A free phone from T-Mobile, one of theweaker services, or Verizon’s iPhone 4 which will probably be outdated in a few months?

  • Itching to create your own mobile app but don’t have the skills? ShoutEm has developed a product that allows you to effortlessly create an iPhone app (RSS feed, event listings, video, audio podcasts, radio streaming, locations, and microblogging). It’s simple and any modules can be rearranged however way you want. You can test it on your iPhone. You can also brand the app! Imagine the possibilities. To create your mobile app, you must pay a monthly fee starting from $29.90/month for the Basic plan: 1000 installs and lacks some advanced features.
  • Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. People are scrambling through search engines to find the best wedding ideas. Well Google responded and created a dedicated site where consumers can create a wedding website, edit photos, and plan their wedding using wedding-specific templates in Google Sites, Google Docs, and Picnik. Teaming up with wedding planner Michelle Rago, Google is hosting a wedding sweepstakes offering a prize of $25,000 and the chance to get Rago to help plan your wedding. Are you going to enlist Google to plan your wedding?
  • iAds are becoming more and more popular. Axe created a slightly controversial iAd called “Swipe an Angel.” The ad allows users manipulate female angels from the ads by making them spin and when the iPhone is shaken, shed their feathers. The link above provides a video. Here’s the original TV ad:

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day! Look out for all the “I Hate Valentine’s Day” campaigns around Facebook and Twitter!

What Happened in Social Media This Week?

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone’s full week back wasn’t too difficult. It’s 2011 and the social media world is already buzzing.

  • The International Consumer Electronics Show is this week. The Twittersphere has been full of tweets about new technology and gadgets. Search for #CES to see what everyone’s been talking about. We hear Lady Gaga, the new creative director for Polaroid, made an appearance…
  • Speaking of CES, several exhibitors are utilizing social media to gain attention for their booths. For example, electronics maker JVC used their Twitter page to offer prizes and had Facebook users who checked-in to the JVC Facebook Places booth entered into a competition to win products. Check-in applications were the fad for several companies.
  • Still searching for a job? Why not try uploading a YouTube video. Following the footsteps of several new stars, Ted Williams, a former Ohio homeless man, gained much recognition for having a “God-given voice.” Newsgroup, Columbus Dispatch uploaded a YouTube video this Tuesday, January 4th and by Thursday, Williams nabbed a job with Kraft Mac & Cheese. He’s been approached by the Cleveland Cavaliers and MTV. The video has since been copyrighted but has had over 11 million views.
  • Took a lot of photos during New Year’s Eve? Facebook users uploaded a record-breaking 750 million photos over New Year’s Weekend. That’s a lot of work-questionable photos.
  • Brewing up some marketing campaigns for the New Year? Mashable gave a “how-to” on launching a successful Twitter contest. A wise tip: a Twitter contest should go beyond promoting; it should encompass your business plan and take it beyond what was intended. And make sure to follow-up your campaign! Gather analytics at the end and see what deemed successful and what completely flopped. Social media is all about learning and adapting.
  • And last but not least, another media craze that has added “-apocalypse” to the end. BIRDPOCALYPSE. Over the past several days, hundreds of birds throughout the middle country have been falling straight from the sky. The bizarre incident is creating quite a media frenzy. Though reasons for the strange happenings are still being investigated, experts say a real apocalypse is unlikely.

We can’t wait for the next YouTube sensation, business acquisition/merger, or media-POCALYPSE! Till next week…