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As time moves on and I think so much about my accomplishments and what they truly mean, I reflect on memories that for the most part are fulfilling. When I trul

y take the time, I can mentally re-live the events and the role I played and the satisfaction I received.

Memories are the treat of advancing age; they are to be savored, not regretted.  In my case, Father Time is moving things and people along, just as our predecessors in age and rank moved along to make room for us. I think of the old poem I tried to memorize in high school, “Thanatopsis,” by William Cullen Bryan.  It had a morbid tone to me as a teenager, but it looks much different later in life.

If getting older is teaching me one thing it is that whatever “work” I have done, exceptional or otherwise, is not what has defined me, nor should it. Nobody I know of ever looks back at his life and says “I wish I would have worked longer or harder.” Most regrets are expressed, “I wish I had done other things that had more lasting value.” Whatever I did for clients or my community has been long forgotten because, in the order of things, its impact never would be more than limited and temporary. I must

learn to accept what I did as having value and impact only for a period of time.

Advancing age also has taught me to prioritize what I do, for whom, and when. I no longer have time to “pay one’s dues” or wait until one’s “ship comes in” with the big client or perfect situation. My dues are paid; my ship has come in with whatever “cargo” it has and I am/must be content.

But I am spreading out to do new things that are more profitable financially and which take full advantage of what I have already been given – prominence and a good name in this region. Specifically, I am partnering up with highly successful smart people who have products and services that are truly breakthroughs. I am putting together a speaking program to take on the road. I am going to become up close and personal with executives who want to learn how to market their businesses and why the strategic communications aspect of a company is so very essential to it overall positioning and ultimate success. I am very immersed in my PR business but focusing on clients and engagements that require my highest and best level of skills.

Spreading out my wings and confining my focus to those things that interest me is the reward for reaching my age and it finally gives me a positive answer to the question I have been asking myself: “Am I still relevant?”  I certainly am; as long as I don’t let others define that for me.

I don’t say all this to brag; only to suggest that spreading my wings and doing what more personally and professionally excites me, not just sustains me, is how I believe I will become even more relevant and of greater value and substance to my profession, clients, family, friends and of course………..me.


While the message I am about to share with you might seem unusual coming from a veteran in the Public Relations/Marketing Communications profession, it is absolutely essential for me to clear the air and establish a foundation of what BERKMAN represents to companies and organizations requiring the need to effectively communicate their key messages, what they stand for and why they are relevant and meaningful solutions to their targeted audiences.

This has been what BERKMAN has done for over three decades with companies locally, regionally and nationally. However, the profession has changed and so have we in so many exciting ways. You might say we have “reinvented ourselves” while thoroughly adapting and operating at a very high level, to new communications methodology and technology. This was not a choice, it was a strategic decision by our Firm, to embrace the overall responsibilities of our profession, for our brands and the marketplaces they serve.

Today, we apply the same high level strategic thinking and planning, as we always have in the past, with our knowledge and expertise of shaping opinion, enhancing brand reputation and delivering tangible business results for numerous brands of high recognition and market presence. We operate in a number of highly diverse business sectors, utilizing the essential requirement of consistent quality content, creativity and today’s essential technological insight, to effectively provide the power of ideas for our noteworthy brands. Our strategic course is a carefully implemented traditional and digital media integration, permeating throughout the social media environment. We engage, educate and properly position ultimate trust in our brands. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we unequivocally understand the necessity to make a difference at the “bottom line”. Our course is quantifiable and our results calculated. We know the absolute requirement of tractable deliverables and work earnestly to consistently provide proof of our efforts with tangible brand adoption and sales of our clients brands.

We embrace our diverse engagements at the very highest level, delivering a work product that stands on a bedrock of superior success for ultimate brand results. We invite business executives to investigate our strategic approach to communications positioning, to better understand the results we deliver and not the hollow promises others pledge.

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Jack Berkman

CEO & President