In the age of the digital revolution, more and more companies are applying innovative and technological strategies into their business plans. This is a skill set that PR/Communication professionals have had to quickly adopt and implement in order to stay afloat in today’s fast changing communications industry. A lot of attention is paid to social media, and rightfully so. The marketing capabilities opened up to your company through these online outlets are unlimited. Just as the ways to distribute your messages are advancing, the methods in which to produce them are advancing as well.

BERKMAN recently attended a seminar covering the advantages of using a Flip Cam to increase business. For those of you who don’t know what a Flip Cam is: it is a hand-held HD video recorder about the size of your blackberry. The Flip Cam has an overall battery life of around 2 hours and operates at the touch of a button, literally.

This unique tool can benefit your company in many different ways. First, it can be used in-house to prepare for a speech or formal interview with the media. It can serve as part of your campaign to attract new business, putting a face and personalization to the messages you are sending to your audience. Also, it’s “guerilla style” video capabilities can be used at an event to obtain visuals, interviews and testimonials. Using the Flip Cam’s built in USB Port; these videos can be uploaded to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages just as quickly and easily as they were obtained. In today’s fast moving world, the Flip Cam adds a level of personalization and connectivity to businesses that sets them apart from the competition.

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