In today’s challenging economy, more and more companies are requiring that all investments, including their marketing investments, directly impact the bottom-line. This is the way it is. Period.

Like others in my chosen profession with significant representation responsibilities, we are striving to become as current and pro-active in new ways to best understand and help accomplish our clients’ needs. For those of us managing high level engagements it is essential to place a high value on our deliverable. We must take a rifle approach, rather than a shotgun one, to delivering quantifiable results for our clients. Public Relations is more than operating in social community environment; there needs to be a visible target aimed at by a specific strategic process.

Without this strategic implementation in place, we are unable to provide the best opportunity to succeed. Success in making the bottom line more robust for them is what matters. Nothing else will suffice. This applies to our client requirements and demands, as well as how we position ourselves to achieve these results. And results are essential today. Coming close in our strategic efforts while creating an abundance of positive social community impressions is clearly only that…coming close, but no cigar!

As professional practitioners, we are tasked with providing exceptional capabilities and trust to bring our plethora of communications capabilities fully focused and directed to hit the very core of our established goals and objectives. Only this strategy allows us to continually reach our goals of moving the bottom line needle. This competitive environment for recognition and adoption by our target publics must happen on a consistent basis for our messages to be validated and accepted. Once accepted we have the enormous challenge of ensuring action is taken to support our proposed product, position or philosophy. If we go back to the basics of our PR profession, we are charged with changing perceptions in order to gain support for what we are proposing. Support now,  must translate into action and that action to the bottom line. This and only this, will enables us all to continue on and survive.

While our entire efforts are consumed by these highly diligent and consistent professional efforts, we must personally and professional remain solid in order to perform these undertakings at the very highest level. While it might be odd to consider our own personal confidence and stability, I believe it is essential to continually embrace our own self being and concentrate on our stability and personal foundation.

Let’s not ever forget ourselves and our own needs to flourish on more than just one phase of our existence……It creates balance and we all should strive for this personal positioning.

Jack Berkman

CEO & President of BERKMAN