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What Happened in Social Media This Week?

With the year coming to a close, this week was all about announcing tips, best-of-2010s, and giving efforts. Here are a few social media news-worthy topics from this week.

  • Amazon announced that its top-selling product was the Kindle 3, beating out the seventh installment in the Harry Potter series. How did it reach its position? We believe that by being unfazed by so-called competitors, the Kindle promoted itself as a true e-Reader, reserving games, movies, and web browsing to LCD tablets.
  • In light of Christmas, social good was a hot topic this week. Communications agency, Happiness Brussels, came up with a fun way to “spread a little bit of happiness in the world.” The project, “Gift a Stranger,” uses Google Maps to help you find strangers around the world and gift them something special.
  • What were you doing to help during Snowpocalypse 2010? New Jersey Mayor, Cory Booker, helped residents survive the blizzard that hit our friends in the Northeast by tweeting rescue missions and informing citizens of the city’s most up-to-date cleanup efforts. Makes you wonder if your state’s mayor is as tech-savvy.
  • Brewing up some marketing campaigns for the New Year? Mashable gave a “how-to” on launching a successful Twitter contest. A wise tip: a Twitter contest should go beyond promoting; it should encompass your business plan and take it beyond what was intended. And make sure to follow-up your campaign! Gather analytics at the end and see what deemed successful and what completely flopped. Social media is all about learning and adapting.
  • A New Year means a new Apple product! There were iPad 2 rumors circulating every tech blog. Our go-to social media news source, Mashable, compiled a comprehensive guide detailing what they think is likely the next generation iPad. Our favorite rumor is the front-facing camera. Imagine the video chatting capabilities!
  • Lastly, how can we not mention Facebook? 2010 was a big year for Facebook. It beat out Google as the most-visited website in America. Facebook’s U.S. traffic grew by 55% in the last year and it’s not slowing down. Though we don’t want to admit it, we predict Facebook to BE the Internet in 2011.

Have a safe and happy New Year! We look forward to all the new social media changes in 2011. Bring them on!


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What Happened in Social Media This Week?

Former WikiLeaks Members Form “Openleaks” (via Mashable)
“Openleaks” will launch Monday. “The two organizations are similar in that aspect that both are focusing on providing means for whistleblowers to anonymously provide the public with information.” How it differs from WikiLeaks is how the information is released. “Rather than publishing documents directly, Openleaks instead seeks to be an intermediary between whistleblowers and other organizations.” Essentially, it’s going to now act as a gatekeeper. They may be able to avoid some legal issues by doing so, but though their claim of not having a political agenda is up to question.

P&G Shifts Marketing Strategy from Soap Operas to Social Media (via Mashable)
Proctor & Gamble Co. will be ending its 77-year run as a prominent sponsor and producer of soap operas in order to produce more campaigns using social media. With the success of the Old Spice Guy YouTube promotion, P&G felt that their efforts should be focused more on digital media.

Groupon denies Google’s $6 Billion Offer (via MSNBC)
News already circulated over the weekend, but now major news sources are reporting that Groupon rebuffed Google’s multi-billion dollar offer. They may just go public on its own next year, who knows. This author feels this was a regrettable decision.

Facebook Features New Profile Pages (via Mashable)
Yep, another Facebook changeup. Over the weekend, Facebook announced that they’ll be releasing new profile pages. You can check them out on Facebook’s announcement to activate your new profile page. It features revamped personal info, more prominent pictures, top interests showcased as images, and more. Also, you can group your friends and feature them in your profile.

LivingSocial Gets $175 Million from Amazon (via FastCompany)
Amidst Google/Groupon rumors, Amazon has invested $175 million dollar in its competitor, LivingSocial. Another company, Lightspeed Venture Partners, invested $8 million in LivingSocial. Though LivingSocial is steadily growing, it’s not growing as fast as Groupon. LivingSocial’s market share is apparently tenth of Groupon’s. So Amazon must be seeing something beyond these analytics.