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ImageNot only are we NOT pulling away from social media as a marketing venue for our company, we have recently upgraded the social media services we offer our clients. Social media is crucial to any business, new or firmly established. It’s a free outlet to generate brand enthusiasm, get consumer feedback, and communicate a brand or businesses’ message to themasses. Most social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer the option to pay to “promote” posts and increase visibility, however; it is not unheard of for business pages to grow their followers by thousands and never spend a dime on “post promotion” or ads.

Along with their quarterly earnings report this month, Facebook also released their current user totals. According to the report, there are over 699 million active users daily. As this number continues to grow exponentially so does a business’s ability to reach more people at very little monetary cost to them. We do suggest however, that if a business does have the budget to invest money in their social media presence, to hire a PR firm that has a firm grasp of social media management and strategy.  Hiring an expert is the most efficient use of resources. Rather than blindly “promoting” posts and throwing things into cyber space until something sticks, a good PR firm can craft an effective social media strategy and ensure that not only will a business’s message stick but also stick the way it was meant to. So while we firmly believe that a strong social media presence is crucial to any business’ success, we also know that a smart social media strategy is what will lead to that success.

19786_10151533106297975_1820598493_nAre we fiddling while Rome is burning? It appears The City of San Diego, and its motivated and engaged elected leadership, as well the ever powerful and change agent, the private sector, are moving slowly to re position our beloved City as a relevant and legitimate City of content and influence, all in the troughs of a major calamity that has gripped the City and somewhat prevented itself from moving aggressively forward. We surely have an agenda filled with potential deliverables, directed towards advancing our City and establishing ourselves much more than a tourist destination, with abundant amenities for lifestyle enjoyment. What are we doing to push forward a conversation of progress and innovation, all developed to establish our desired perception as an influential hub of aggressive breakthroughs in a plethora of life changing projects in health and consumer product?  The national media’s coverage of our Mayor’s tragic miscues in the public arena, have completely overshadowed our ongoing course of momentum on a number of relevant and highly innovative projects, all geared towards the perception of our City as an innovation center to entrepreneurial excellence in technology, biotech, Medical, consumer products, just to name a few. So what are we going to do about this? We must override the current dialogue and push forward messaging that effectively communicates our consistent innovation and progress, and accomplishment. We regularly receive newsletters from elected official whose messaging is dominated by our current mire in the Mayoral downslide. Instead, these communications need to have content and promise of accomplishments soon to be made, to place each community or district, front and center in the conversations; not as an afterthought.

We need to redirect our conversations away from our problems and more on the good news we can report. It is time for the private sector to rise up and be heard. We must create new messages that will resonate and reflect positive accomplishments. Without new content, we will remain immersed in the mire of problematic elected leadership. Bring out the fire hoses now!

– Jack Berkman