Internships are becoming invaluable in the business world. It gives students an opportunity to get experience. Whether you are starting your search for a summer internship, or you have one currently, the attitude that you take in these endeavors can make or break your situation.

If you’re in the process of trying to find a job, remember to always act like you want the job. This may seem like an incredibly obvious tip, but people often forget some basic rules. Make sure you do research on the job and the company before the interview. Nothing is more awkward than being quizzed in an interview about the position and you don’t even know what the job is asking of you.

In the interview, make your work experience seem relevant to your job. You can use your PR skills to make your past job experience fit the job you’ve applied for. For example, if worked as a receptionist, think about all the crisis management positions you dealt with and how you got out of them. You can convey how effective you would be in PR by tailoring your resume to fit the position exactly.

You also must act enthusiastic about the job. Tell the interviewer how much you want this job. If you haven’t gotten an interview yet, make this enthusiasm obvious in your cover letter. One of the first rules in sales is “Ask for the Sale.” Finding a job is truly a test in selling yourself. You must tell the employer that you want the job.

Once you have your fabulous dream job, this attitude should carry over into the workplace. Although getting the job is half the battle, there is still the reality of the job. Keep a positive attitude. Adjusting can be rocky at first and learning the ropes is always a little stressful, but make sure your enthusiasm carries through. People who are motivated and willing to work are usually the best employees. An attitude that you can and will do anything is appreciated in any workplace setting.

In any job there are some small tasks that may not seem as intellectually stimulating, especially for interns, but c’est la vie! Relish every experience because there is always something to be learned. Sometimes the small things are the most fun. I love my trips to the post office where I know the owner and get to catch up on the neighborhood gossip.

Having a good attitude will get you very far in life. If you work hard, I can almost guarantee you will learn more and leave the internship feeling like you’ve grown.


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