I ‘m asked daily by business associates and friends regarding the challenges companies face today as it affects their inability to be recognized in addition to having a relevant and compelling presence in the marketplace. They all talk about their competition! They refuse to understand today’s necessity for consistent positioning, messaging, brand and reputation management, proper content and most of all market and consumer trust in what they are doing. Without the trust aspect properly conveyed, they’re missing two legs of the three legged stool. Some business professionals are trying to tag along and continue doing what they have always done, expecting different results. It has been said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same steps and expecting different results and this is certainly the case here. Why would it change?

Strategic Communications practice is not about “throwing it against the wall and hoping it sticks. And unfortunately, that is what some firms are doing. They are ripping off clients just to get the check. They are not thorough they do not plan and most of all they are not strategic in what they deliver towards the established goals. The mere fact that businesses are getting exposure anywhere, does not guarantee that they are well positioned in the myriad of diverse communications environment in which we all communicate within today. PR professionals, whose creative capabilities are finely honed and beyond current, are continually observing the overall big picture and intensely understanding the requirements of consistency in messages and the requirements of highly significant deliverables and their evaluation….or ROI. Today this is standard operating procedure and must be. The needle needs to move and sales must be validated. The plethora of communications outreach opportunities and positioning exists and it is a matter of having a Strategic Communications firm in place to plan, guide and secure the desired messages while always positioning the business as leading edge, innovative and different from their abundant competition. This is not easy and it takes time and commitment on the part of a CEO. Leadership in the communications environment we operate in today is majorly gained by deeply understanding and trusting the seasoned and savvy PR professionals whose job it is to navigate properly through these waters. Nothing else will secure long-term success.

    Jack Berkman

President and CEO