The world of communication has dramatically changed and the information stream of the Internet has created a Wild Wild West environment.  The communications from a strategic thinking, creative and enlightened PR professional should always be targeted and focused. We are witnessing a dramatic increase of content, which creates a massive clutter for the consumer and an approach that relies on “throwing it against the wall and hoping it sticks.”  This approach does not benefit the business trying to reach consumers but instead contributes to a massive sense of confusion on the part of the consumer.  Strategic communications, directed and focused to the predetermined targeted audience of the business by seasoned and responsive PR professionals, maintain the “rifle and not shotgun” approach to distributing information.

In order for consumers to accept and respond to PR-influenced and directed content, smart PR professionals must maintain their focus and consistently provide quality content that is relevant and valuable to the consumer.  It is about the enlightenment of the consumer, not the confusion of this group. Consumers follow and track this information so PR professionals must ensure it is not just creating clutter.  Strategically directed PR efforts are highly researched and evaluated prior to being implemented to ensure the target audience is being served and informed in a meaningful manner.  The quality and usefulness of the content distributed is vitally important.

Messaging for the sake of mass distribution only leads to a lack of acceptance and nothing else.

Jack Berkman
CEO & President of BERKMAN