Many CEOs I speak with are out of touch when it comes to today’s opportunities in the communication technology aspect of business. They simply do not understand that social media is just another tactic of their overall marketing, communication and customer relations program. Hello? Wake up, C-level execs, and get in tune with the beat of today’s communication rhythm.  Only using social media will not help you. It’s about strategic communication, messaging through innovative and creative marketing, and validated customer service. This process all translates to SALES. No matter what you do, that’s the bottom line! Now, do I have your attention?

It’s not just about building a website anymore. It’s about capitalizing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Building followers, fans, overall engagement and most importantly influence is essential. Many of our new clients have been sold a bill of goods by so-called web designers and social media specialists. They promise they will build you a great website including all the bells and whistles, designed for you to reach and interact with your target customers. Their fluffy vocabulary and descriptions make no sense to laypeople. Conveniently for them, they don’t build it on a platform you can manage yourself and often don’t really listen to the requirements and needs of the company they build it for. They include several pages and when the site fails to convert hits into new sales, they tell you to post more pages and content. Sound familiar?

Some advice: learn where your customers are and go after them. Make certain your customers think of you first. Second or third place is out of the money.  Strategic communication requires knowing your audience and tailoring your key messages or promotions in a timely manner to these prime segments of your target market. Additionally, you should use these communication tools to market and influence an audience that wants to help tell your story. Why? Because you’ve been trusted with and responsible for providing customers with the service they require and deserve. Get it?

To reach your target audience, be brief and direct. Keep your messages concise and find someone on your staff who can spell correctly and can put two sentences together that make sense. Is proper grammar currently a college elective?

Ask yourself, are you in touch with your target audience?  Do you ever reach out to them? Do you ask them what your company can do better to have even more value? If not, do something about it. Reach out to former customers and ask them what you can do to get them back.

This communication bombardment is all about sales and it doesn’t matter how you slice it or dice it. Strategic communication planning shouldn’t be an afterthought. Messaging is not about how you can throw it up against the wall and hope it sticks. This is about knowing where your customers are and going after them. It is about reaching those targeted decision makers and getting their attention.

Social media is certainly one of the major arteries in the body of strategic communication, but it’s not the only one. There’s more to strategic marketing and communication and in the weeks to come, I will be sharing my thoughts with you. So stay with me. It will be worth your time!

Jack Berkman
CEO & President of BERKMAN