Whether you’re a PR student about to enter the industry, an intern trying to get your foot in the door or a seasoned PR pro, you better be a part of the conversation! Twitter hashtags are great for networking, building credibility and staying current with new trends and technologies. As a PR professional and social media guru, BERKMAN Account Executive Colbi Stone (@ColbiPR) is always joining the conversation, sharing insights and learning from her peers. Colbi considers the following hashtags the “best in the biz” when it comes to public relations, Twitter and online community discussions.

#pr: a general public relations hashtag that can lead you to a variety of useful topics and contacts

#pr20chat (Public Relations 2.0): Tuesday at 8PM EST. This is a great conversation to discuss anything from general PR related issues to social media strategies.

#u30pro: Thursday at 8 PM EST. Great for young PR pros under the age of 30, this hashtag can offer some great advice on breaking into PR, educating yourself about the industry, and keeping up with PR trends.

#solorpr: Wednesday at 1-2 PM EST. If you have pulled away from corporate America or agency life and are looking for advice on independent consulting, then #solopr is the best hashtag for you. Every week, independent consultants are there to network with you and share experience on how they started out.

#happo (Help a PR Pro Out): For those looking for their next PR job/adventure, we suggest following and participating in #happo, which shares open job positions nationwide at companies ranging from large corporations to small boutique agencies.

#journchat: Monday at 7-10 PM CST. This online conversation will connect you with journalists, bloggers, and fellow PR folks.

#prstudchat: Calling all graduating seniors! #prstudchat will provide you with insight on what to expect in a PR career and tips from agency owners themselves on how to land an internship that will kick start your career.

Regardless of your need or level of experience in the PR world, following these recommended hashtags – and more importantly, taking part in the conversation – will provide more information and benefits than just reading an online brochure.

After all, social media is an excellent tool for networking with influencers who can provide tips on how to get a journalist to read your pitch or on landing your next PR gig. Participating in Twitter hashtag conversations will not only offer valuable tips, but will also put your name out there for others to recognize you as an established industry leader or as an up-and-coming PR rockstar. Show the PR Twitter world that you have insightful questions and fresh opinions!