On March 16, we teamed up with Lusk Custom Design & Construction to launch a media event for the construction of San Diego’s first custom modular home. Located in Del Mar, this unique, 4,000 square-foot custom modular home was transported from Idaho, where the completed modules were built in a factory for transport to the home site. On March 16 beginning at 9 a.m., the four modules were crane set on the matching concrete foundation in one day receiving media attention from several local news outlets including the North County Times, CBS 8, FOX 5, San Diego Union-Tribune and San Diego 6.

Designed by Michelle Kaufmann, American Institute of Architects (AIA) of Oakland, Calif. and Architect Joseph Remick (AIA), this four bedroom, three and a half bathroom home was designed for the Hanna family of Del Mar.

From concept to completion, Lusk’s custom modular homes offer homeowners in San Diego several benefits when compared to traditional homes, including superior cost control, faster and more efficient planning, construction, and a stronger build, without sacrificing the luxury and features expected in a custom home. The home will be completed in just two short months!

Check out some of the media coverage we generated below:

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