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Major media hit? Great. Now what?

So the article from the interview you did months back has finally hit the newsstands. You are ecstatic, your CEO couldn’t be happier, and your staff is all jazzed up to field incoming inquiries. Now what? For PR folks, securing the media hit for our clients is only half the battle. It is how we leverage it to your benefit…as we like to say, “Separate and Elevate” you from the competition. Give the article “legs” so that you, your coworkers and your aunt back East aren’t the only people to read it.

The shelf life of media inclusions vary on the medium from TV to print to online. And with the Internet, your media coverage can live on basically forever. There are several simple ways to leverage this third-party endorsement in a way that can attract new customers, partners, sales, clients, etc. It is so important to communicate these messages both internally and externally and to keep an open dialogue with these audiences.

We’ve assembled a list of possible approaches you can easily implement:

  • Purchase the media clips for your own use. Spending an extra $90 for that broadcast clip or $20 for additional magazines may sound excessive at the time, but it lets you repurpose the coverage over and over again, or distribute it to your key contacts.
  • Distribute an update in an e-newsletter or e-mail blast both internally and externally; i.e. “Check out our recent media coverage…”
  • Post the clip on your Web site. Make it visible either on the home page, in a media section, company blog, or wherever it will catch the online visitor’s eye.
  • Pull out key quotes from the article to use as a testimonial; i.e. “As quoted by the New York Times, we…”
  • Repackage information for other departments to use; i.e. customer service, sales, and reception to name a few. The staff needs to be aware and prepared to ensure the lead is converted and directed appropriately.
  • Share via social networks; i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube, SumbleUpon, etc. to obtain added viral buzz.
  • Frame printed clips or screen shot images to hang in the office, retail space, or store front etc. in a visible location for customers or clients.
  • Create a media “hype” or “praise & buzz” PDF file that is easily inserted into sales materials or downloaded from the Web.

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